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London based cinematographer and video editor. 

My professional career in the film and video industry commenced with a three-year position working under one of London's most eminent live music video editors, Perry Bellisario, before transitioning into full-time freelance work. During this time, I was involved in the creation of a diverse range of programmes for UK and international broadcast.


A strong foundation in live video production, has allowed me to work with high-profile clients such as Nike, Coinbase, SnapChat; creating stunning visuals that effectively capture the essence of each project. 

As I honed my skills as an editor, I began to realize the importance of capturing the visuals myself in order to fully express the story I was trying to tell. Drawing on my experience as an editor, I approach cinematography with a unique perspective that allows me to shoot with the end goal in mind.

Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have a project in mind that you think would be a good fit – always open to new opportunities!

Thanks for reaching out!


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